Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Suits that wait around for free meals


You make a lot of money each year! I mean, I can't say I'm 100% certain how much you make, but you work in an office building which means you're most likely making more than minimum wage. Why the hell do you feel the need to stand in the lobby of the office building for upwards of 35 minutes, blocking elevators and doors and probably violating fire-codes, to get a free hamburger?

I think it's really nice that the building is having a "free lunch bbq for tenants" day, but while you stand there in expensive suits and scarf down your free potato salad, there's a homeless guy on the corner trying to sell papers to make a buck who probably hasn't had a meal like that in years. And while we're at it, I know for a fact that the cleaning and maintenance crews in the building don't get ANY of the free food until later this afternoon when the mayo has gone bad and the meat has been picked out of the buns. Whatever is left after people pick through is what they get...and they STILL have to clean up after you. I don't know. I like free food as much as the next girl, but to see people with money freak out and wait around for a free burger just kind've pisses me off. And chances are you'll drive home in your BMW, complaining that they didn't give you enough food and refused your ask for seconds. How about instead of hosting a "lets feed the rich people" day, we think about hosting a "lets feed the poor people" day?

Hey suits that wait around for free meals while folks that need it more than you go hungry! YOU'RE ALL BIG JERKS!

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