Monday, August 10, 2009

People that wished for warmer weather


For me, this summer has been near-perfect; It hasn't rained too much (not compared to last year, at least) and the temperatures have been hovering around 23-25 degrees, often with a nice breeze. You, however, are not satisfied with this. "It's not summer weather at all!" you whine, still in your shorts and tank tops. "I wish it was warmer!" you complain while sipping a cold beer on a patio.

Well hey, idiots, your stupid prayers have been answered. It's hot. It's Humid. It's muggy. You're bitching.

What the fuck did you THINK was going to happen if it got hot out? This is Toronto, where it doesn't just get hot, it gets heavy and sticky out. In Melbourne, 35 degrees is sunny and nice and feels good on bare skin. In Toronto, 35 degrees is oppressive, cranky and makes your skin feel like it's made of Gak. I woke up sweating this morning, sweat throughout my breakfast and I'm pretty sure once I step out of my air conditioned office, I will start sweating again.

Hey people that wished for warmer weather! YOU'RE ALL BIG JERKS!

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