Friday, July 31, 2009

Guy that gives unnecessarily hard high-fives


You're a cool friend! One of those guys everyone knows and everyone likes! You need a way to say hello, so instead of shaking hands, you give high-fives. Not just any high-fives, though...the HARDEST HIGH-FIVES IN THE ENTIRE WORLD!
Dude! Stop it! When I go in for a high-five I'm expecting a good hit with small a small sting-back factor. With you, though, I get hit harder than a crash test dummy at high speeds. My hand turns red, pain shoots down to my elbow and I'm partially numb for five minutes. Not cool!

Hey guy that gives unnecessarily hard high-fives! YOU'RE A BIG JERK!


  1. I am *so* with you on this one. This is now the reason that I have switched to the knuckle bump. I don't care that I get weird looks cause I'm not black because when you go to bang my knuckles with yours I know you're looking at my big ass ring that will tear skin off you if you hit me too hard.

  2. Ha! Maybe I'll get myself a huge ring or a pair of brass knuckles...

  3. Instead of high-fives, do foot-fives. A foot-five is a high-five with the foot. With the foot-five, you can't do it nearly as hard as you can smack someone's hand. One thing is that the feet have shoes and socks, sandals, flip flops, etc. which would absorb the impact where the bare hands have nothing to absorb any sort of impact, and even with bare feet, you still can't foot-five anywhere near as hard as high-five because most of the power is in your arms. Also, feet are curvy and hands are flat. I used to do high-fives extremely hard because I was so strong and was underestimating my own strength, and the way I solved it was to switch to the foot-fives.